Update History

GenomicKB integrates our existing knowledge regarding human genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and 4D nucleome in a large knowledge graph. Different from traditional tabular-structured data, it emphasizes the relations between different perspectives and provides explicit connections between entities of interest. With the flexibility, well-defined schemata and ontologies used in the knowledge graph, it is quite easy to update the existing entities and relations and incrementally add more entities and relations. Therefore, there is a long-term plan to include more human genomic data to GenomicKB.

Feel free to e-mail us if you would like to include new data sources to GenomicKB!

The updates and update plans are listed here in a reverse-chronological order (MM-DD-YYYY).

Update 08-30-2022 (planned):

Add cross-reference URL links to other databases (e.g., Ensembl, UniProt, dbSNP, etc.)

Add ligand-receptor pairs from CellPhoneDB to GenomicKB as edges between genes.

Update 08-12-2022:

The new query engine launched. More hints are added during user queries and smoother node/edge configuration process is included.

Update 07-15-2022:

Ontology data in GenomicKB are updated with the newest data from NCBO ontologies.

Update 06-30-2022:

The new home page of GenomicKB launched.

Update 03-15-2022:

The first version of GenomicKB web portal launched.